Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I dunno nuttin!

So here we are.  I'm waiting for the results of my biopsy.  The IUD is implanted, and I can tell that it's there; it's a vague discomfort that I hope I can begin to ignore.  You know, it's weird to think that I had no idea about IUDs.  I mean, I knew about them for decades.  What I think I didn't know was about uteruses.  It's a bit embarrassing.  Somehow, I thought that an IUD just sort of floated around in there.  I know uteruses aren't generally filled with some sort of fluid, so there'd be nothing to float in.  But somehow, until I went online and looked at a diagram of this device in place, I just thought it was suspended in midair somehow, instead of being sort of squeezed out into the "corners" of the uterus.  I'm glad that it makes more sense now.  It's probably time I get to know my uterus, as long as I still have it around.  So, d'oh!

Meanwhile, though, I realize that, if I can feel something going on in there -- which I have cyclically throughout my fertile years and I do now -- what will I feel when it's gone?  I say "when" because I anticipate a hysterectomy at some point.  And, if that happens, this pocket of meat and glands will be taken out.  What will I feel then?  Will there be a real feeling of a void?  What happens to that empty space?  Does it just sort of hang out, all empty and everything?  Does everything stay where it should?  Is there a cave-in?  I feel very strangely uninformed.

I know there are people I can ask, of course.  I suppose I could google it.  But perhaps I'm clinging to a little ignorance, too.

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