Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hoky smoke!

I left this blog behind 5 years ago -- I guess the twitterin' and the bookin' were just too easy.  It's very strange to look at these posts from The Future.  Pre-Obama and all.  So strange.

Well, these days I feel I have something to say, more or less, and so I'm going to be turning this blog over to the Me of Now.  I want to write about something that some of you will understand very well, and others may find tedious or laughable.  Well, you don't have to stay to read it then, obviously.  I'm going to be talking about my long, long, long struggle with obesity, what it has meant for my life and for my health, and specifically the surprisingly serious turn it has taken recently.  Many people seem to think that gaining weight is some sort of moral failure, and that somehow it is something a person chooses.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It can be agonizingly painful, limiting mobility and restricting even the simplest of activities. Solutions are usually temporary, and rebounding creates more havoc and self-loathing, if that's possible, than pre-diet states.  So, yeah.  Read on if you wish.

I also expect to go off-topic and occasionally ridiculous.  Such is life.


Tavie said...

I look forward to seeing what you have to say, as always (especially because I share very similar struggles, as you know!)

So glad to see you "back" in the blogosphere! My blogging has been limited to Tumblr-reposts lately and the occasional "hey I pay webhosting for my site so I'll post something every 3 months to keep it barely alive" kind of post.

Wincey said...

Facebook is so much easier, although I tend to be more glib there. Your blog has always been so interesting, but I don't blame you for not doing much. We have plenty of places for self-expression. So I don't know. Let's see if public journaling is something I can keep up! Thanks for the encouragement, though.