Thursday, April 3, 2008

Evil Euphemism of the Day Award

Upon acquiring DoubleClick and then laying off 300 Human Beings from their jobs in the middle of a recession, the Google spokeshead said, "As with many mergers, this review has resulted in a reduction in headcount at the acquired company."

A reduction in HEADCOUNT? That's a new one. (Maybe it's not, but it's the first time I've heard that euphemism for HUMAN BEINGS -- except in terms of checking you've got all the kids on the bus after the field trip.)

Quote from today's NYTimes, by Miguel Helft: "Google Cutting 300 Jobs at DoubleClick"


Tavie said...

Oh wow. That's great. That's even better than the "rightsizing" that they kept spouting at us a month ago when they laid off all those people at MY company.


Wincey said...


Man, "downsizing" was ugly enough, euphemistically-speaking. OBFUSCATION!!!! LIES!!!

I gets all cranky about these things, as you well know. Lies about the bad things we do to people so we can sleep at night. Bad bad bad!!!