Thursday, April 17, 2008


I don't know how I didn't know this, but a BOMBSHELL from Rachel Maddow on Olbermann last night. I had no idea! The Crawford Ranch? Bought just as GWB started running for Pres. He and Laura have never lived there. And they're moving to Dallas when they leave DC. So even when talking about the ole family ranch? BFL!

No wonder there's so much brush to clear. He just started on the brush-clearing job when he got this other (allegedly) busy job. Hard to keep up with the yard if you've only ever been there on vacation.


The Other One said...

I am not surprised that you were unaware, most people are. He and Rove have done a good job of framing his image as a cowboy. He bought this ranch just to look like a cowboy. He is afraid of animals, particularly horses, is from CT, and grew up in Midland with his dad's oil buddies. He is as much of "cowboy" as John Wayne is a war hero.

Wincey said...

Yeah, I knew he was a completely fake cowboy and Connecticut and Yale and Kennebunkport, etc. But I figured he'd been in Midland long enough to fail at his oil prospects and make millions off his ballpark/eminent domain deal. I figured that, somewhere during the Midland years, he'd picked up the ranch, to prove he was a "real" Texan to his Texas buddies.

What really amazes me is that I can still be surprised by him. It's almost embarrassing that this came as a surprise to me, at this point.