Saturday, August 30, 2008

OK, what *really* bugs me ...

I know I've been missing for awhile. Crazy busy, computer at home busted. But, for this, I come in on a Saturday to post.

OK. It's not that McCain offered Palin the post. I don't expect anything much from him except outrageous insults to our collective intelligence, and this is certainly no exception: Somehow he and his people (for want of a better word) believe that Sarah Palin is a perfectly legitimate stand-in for Hillary Clinton 'cause of that double-X thing, and that Hillary supporters would absolutely vote for him now that there's a chance for a a female-type human a malignant melanoma from the presidency. Oh, yeah, that international experience 'cause she lives near the Bering Strait. Great googly moogly.

OK. So we expect nothing less than a completely tone-deaf response to disaffected Hillary supporters and the religious Right. But, of all the things you can say about why Sarah Palin is not right for the job, which are apparently legion (20 months, minus -- I have to assume -- some maternity leave time, governing one of the country's least populous states; being for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it; having an ongoing investigation into possibly illegal use of her power; having, before this job, been a part-time major of a teeny weeny town; being pro-ANWR drilling and anti-polar bear; disregarding the environment she seems to enjoy so much; having ties -- however tenuous -- to oil corporations; anti-choice and pro-gun -- don't kill the babies until they grow up, so morally tenuous on that point as well; and who knows what else because that's just the information gleaned over a single day) ... this is what REALLY bugs me:

Because she ACCEPTED this steadfastly absurd notion. She ACCEPTED the job offer. She said she didn't know exactly what a vice president of the United States of America does for a living, but she seems to feel that she is qualified for the post. She seems to actually think that her experience and skills are up to the task. And that people are comparing Obama's experience in grassroots organizing to her part-time gig as mayor of 9000 people. And that his law degree from Harvard somehow is comparable to her BA in journalism from who-knows-what college. That her desire to be a sportscaster for ESPN until she found out that she'd have to move away from Alaska to have the job is somehow comparable to his work on the south side of Chicago, his time in the Illinois state house, and his clear and forceful view of how to improve life for all Americans. And/or people are comparing her as a candidate to Hillary Clinton based strictly -- STRICTLY -- on her XX chromosomes. That is exactly and completely where the comparison to Clinton ends.

She accepted the job of possible Vice President. She has the absurd confidence to believe that she could run the United States of America if John McCain kicks the bucket suddenly, given a ridiculous lack of education, experience, and -- obviously -- common sense. In other words, she is both utterly delusional and dangerously egocentric.

What in the world will happen to this country -- really, to this world -- if this tag team of idiots gets elected? Oh my stars, we are lost.

Obama's speech was electifying, extraordinary, amazing. The vast stadium, the incredible family walking to the front of the stage, the brilliant minds, the moment of utter belief in a change of course ... I don't expect that all the changes hoped for can or will be made. I don't hold any human being to that kind of set of expectations, knowing how rough the road will be, knowing that it takes a concerted effort by a vast number of people (imperfect, flawed as we are all), but that the momentum to change is there and the willingness to try is there in hearts all across the country. But this I know, and I know full well, I do not trust McCain or anyone on his side to do anything but screw us up even further, and his insulting pander simply increases the volume on what Mr. Obama said Thursday night: He just doesn't get it.


Tavie said...

You hit the nail on the head.

Also, great to see a post from you!!


Wincey said...

Hi honeybun! Was I supposed to write back last? I got confused. Also, tried a few times to respond to CT posts and they bounced back, so I got frustrated. Will try again. Honest. Thanks for the birthday happies! :)