Friday, March 21, 2008


Heard from one of my best friends EVAR. She didn't give up on me! Imagine that! Here I am, ready to be a friend again, and next thing you know, a friend pops up. Make that a Friend. Yay!


Tavie said...

OK, I am so busy on the internetz I forgot this blog exists. I'm adding you to the blogroll at so I never forget again, I hope you don't mind.

If I'm a Friend, I hope I'm Chandler!

Wincey said...

I'd be honored!

If you're a Friend of that sort, the only one you could be is Bing! But let's rise above that set of back-biting, lying, conniving "friends" -- they were very unpleasant to each other, weren't they?

Gina said...

They were good friends!! I wanna be Joey!!!


Wincey said...

Hi Gina! You can be Joey! :D Who should I be? (Oh, I know, I'm probably Ross. Sigh!)